Thursday, May 8, 2014


Jack is almost 10 and is growing up so much in every way. He told me a few months ago that he thinks he is between 7% and 10% into puberty. It's something he is aspiring to! He is such a funny guy, and if you know him at all, then you know he has great social prowess with adults. I watched him greet a friend of mine in her car outside one day by leaning in on his arm to make small talk with her through the driver's window. He just wanted to ask her how things were going. He recently bought a fedora and we try to manage the appearance of that accessory in different social situations. School is not very challenging for him, so he has recently started writing science essays for fun in his spare time (who's kid is he?). He is still learning to play the piano, but all practicing is done against his will right now. He is a spiritually sensitive kid. He loves to talk about spiritual things and is always helping me to remember to make better choices about media and my own language sometimes. He recently told me, "Mom, you started off the year really great, but you need to get back on track again." He's right. More than once recently he has come to me and said, "Mom, we are so blessed." I hope he remembers that feeling when he gets further than 10% into puberty.


Marie said...

LOL! Cute Jack-Jack. When he came home teaching to our family the other day with his dad, he proved to be QUITE the conversationalist. I was cracking up.

Tony Wu said...

Hi, jack, you r so so cute, like your clothes you wear